R.I.Pancakes Limited Edition - Stella and Bobbie

R.I.Pancakes Limited Edition

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It's a bright _____day morning and the smell of delicious HotCakes, soaked in Grade B Maple Syrup is on your mind. Well you can have those fluffy flap jacks any day of the week with our Rest In Panckakes (R.I.P.) Necklace. The Pancake Stack Necklace is produced from multiple materials including wood and acrylic (plastic) and a 16" gold plated chain. This is THE perfect necklace for those who eat breakfast foods all-day. This necklace was designed for all those pancake-obsessed, flapjack aficionados, hotcake brunch-ers and griddle cake lovers out there. This will be a convo starter at your next brunch darling! Composed of Baltic birch wood, mirror gold acrylic and tortoiseshell acrylic Approximately 16" gold plated chain Pancake charm is approximately 1.5" x 1.8" Follow us on SocialMedia to get the special 20% discount code for this week Only. Expires May 5th, 2018!