How it Works

Making your own bloom wall can be the perfect solo project to work on while you drinking Wine and Watching Netflix or with a group of your closest friends. At Bloom and Sip we want you to relax, turn off the social media, and try to Bloom and Sip into the person you were meant to be.


Pick your Base

We have various bases to suit your needs. When you have a limited bloom wall, your base selection matters the most as you will be able to see the panels more. With a full bloom wall, due to the proximity of the flowers to give it that full bloom effect, your panel selection is not as important.

Pick your Florals

Geraniums, Peonies, Birds of Paradise oh my!! Picking your florals for your wall may be your toughest decision. There are just too many beautiful and high quality florals to choose from. If you are looking for a specific color and floral varietal that you do not see, please email us to see if we can place a special order for you or we may have a limited supply in our back stock. Limited Bloom Walls have 1-2 variations of flowers, while full bloom walls have 3-6 varieties. For more information regarding the quantities of panels or florals that you will need for a specific sized wall, please see our FAQ or email our team for more information. Happy picking!

Time to Bloom

Making your Flower Wall has never been easier! Once you have picked your base and your florals, you can now begin the blooming process. To Bloom is to cultivate beauty in whatever you make. Starting from the empty base, you will see your Flower Wall or DIY craft transform into a radiant long lasting creation that you can use as decor for your home, office, or upcoming event.